Through The Storm

To those who are in prison,

crying when they are alone,

I ask that you please listen,

when I tell you that Jesus,

will carry you home.

To all the mothers,

and the wives,

whose children and husbands,

went to war,

who recieve that knock,

from two soldiers,

standing at their front door,

I know it is hard,

and that it seems,

like you have nobody else.

... but know that Jesus,

is there for you,

and you will never be by yourself.

To the young prostitute,

who is homeless,

and whose parents let her go,

and feels so low,

and so full of shame,

because that is all she knows,

 she is crying at night,

and has no food.

She has not eaten in days.

Christ is putting His hand,

on her shoulder,

and is saying, \'My child,

be still, and know that I am God.

I love you anyway\'.

To the lonely young drug-dealers,

out at two in the morning,

who are twelve,


and fourteen years old,

whose dad is always,

beating on his mom,

and whose mom never played a role,

know that you have,

a friend in Jesus.

Put your trust in Him.

Christ will always shine,

and the more He does,

everything else,

will grow dim.