Fay Slimm.






Key-stone of much conformity
hides in banality while
trite persuasion phrases straight
formalized lines.
Break with staid and difference
will strip tightly laced
to let in un-restraint and stretch
mere credulity.

Breach convention, invite insight,
then watch back-to-front
scribing turn mental somersaults
to violate customary.
Peer squint-eyed, allow curiosity
to welcome the Muse 
revitalize by refusing an orthodox
commonplace pathway.

Sail out of a usual, bathe in oddity,
find rarer anomaly,
peruse free-style then decide on
being less ordinary.
Leave safe-shore solidity, sound
down with the lateral,
adopt mind-sets of dissimilarity,
leave norm on the ground.


Twist to seeing back-sidedness
fly by versing profound,
think more about quirky and less 
toward the accepted. .
Keeping an ear close to authentic 
reveals the path so let
less trodden add its own flavour 
to what is poetic.