Hopeful Help - Isaiah Series (8)

Tune: Capetown

(\'Gracious Spirit, Holy Ghost\')

Isaiah 44 v.1 - 7 parts


Hear Israel, my chosen

And my servant, you the one

I who have made you, Fear not

Prosperous your lot


For I will help you, here see

Water pour to the thirsty

And floods give upon dry ground

Here refreshment found


And I my spirit will pour

On you, your descendant sure

They shall spring up midst the grass

I not you bypass


You shall be as willows set

By the rivers, and shall yet

Call yourselves by my name, for

I the LORD e\'ermore


So says the LORD, He the King

Of Israel, to Him sing

Their Redeemer, LORD of hosts

Unto farthest coasts


He the first and last, there be

No other God beside He

Who like him can do or say?

There none else today