Very,Very Fast Food.

It was my birthday,
What should I do in celebration?
I know
I’ll invite the family to dinner.
So I sent out the invite
To my daughter
And granddaughter,
And my granddaughter’s friend,
Saying I will be cooking salmon.
The invite was accepted,
They were all coming,
Except granddaughter’s friend
Does not eat fish.
Do not worry she said
She will bring a steak,
That was fine,
Steak, like salmon,
Was fast food.
They arrived on the evening
And I was given the steak,
Talk about fast food,
I had seen rashers of bacon
Thicker than that steak.
I prepared the meal
And the last thing I cooked was the steak,
Ten seconds each side it took,
Very, very fast food.
I just could not stop laughing
At this lack of steak I had cooked.