Helping hands

I was tea-boy for some builders today

Canteen king, not being able to play a fuller role

because I don\'t know what they\'re saying. 

\"Pass me the Neville buddy\" pipes Pat. 

\"Yes. Mate if I knew what I was looking at, what\'s it like?\" said I. 

\"Gary\" he replied \"Gary Neville...\" 

\"Spirit level! Come on Juzzy you know the old lingo.\" 

Oh no what if I don\'t? 

What about a Shola Ama? 

Yes mate that\'s easier

Haha no you ass pass one up here! 

So I\'m in the kitchen making hot chocolate for the children. 

I help with some lifting, marking and things to ease the burden. 

More than a case of reducing the stress

It creates more time for fun and laughs. 

Chat shit

Get banged.