Covid 19 pain

So long Frank my dad will miss you, me too!
84 years is a good run of change, I\'ve often asked you what stayed the same and the things you found different.
As time waved it\'s wand of progress and aimed for better things there you were contented in the snug of your favourite labour club you let all things wash over your spirit with humour and one day I too hope to be there.
Farewell my friend may the greatest ride not be an end to the friendship you met with a wry comment and an open heart. You still have art, unless God is a philistine. Frank I\'m glad to say you were a friend of mine.
Covid was the cruelest blow to your lifestyle of pleasures retired, mired in the isolation of lonely houses.
I can\'t be at your graveside but I revere the good to times I can bring to mind.
Farewell my friend