Celestial Amy

My Tears Are Valid

,,Do not cry“

But what if I want to?



But what if I don´t want to?


I always tried to hold back my tears

My mind full of voices

Which tried to blame me

My feelings always drowned

In the fear of displeasing others


It might be my last challenge

I am worthy

Worthy to feel

Worthy to show


I will cry, scream and weep

In their faces


Sadness will be my guest


For a moment

For a day

For a week

As long as it takes


I won´t swallow any more

I will spit it all out

No matter if you like it or not


So take my tears

Take my smile


It will be different tomorrow

Nothing stays the same


I refuse to hide my change

I refuse to hide my emotions


You may leave if you dislike it

Because I won´t give up on my path

I won´t give up on my choices