Unadulterated anger


I’m really tired of other people entering other people’s business

As if they have any control on anyone else’s illness

You say you’re trying to help but only make things worse

I swear If you don’t step back One of us is leaving in a hearse!


You’ll blow up in my face and then say sorry ten mins later

I don’t know what you think you’re doing you’re still a fucking traitor

If you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all

Because at the end of the day any fucking one of us can fall


You might think that’s not okay but I don’t give a fuck

The fact you’re even breathing at all just really boils down to luck

Now it’s not a threat but I’m warning you don’t keep it up

Cause you don’t want to see what’s at the other side of yup.


It’s really not you’re decision you have no fucking right

So why don’t you just step back cause you’re saving yourself a fight

Everything you say it’s hypocritical and makes no sense

I told you once before mate I’m getting really tense


I just have this thing about me we’re I can’t listen to bullshit

I can get aggressive and violet now that I will admit

But that doesn’t make me the bad guy you really should have listened

If you hadn’t run you’re mouth off you’re smile would still be in tact and glistening


you say you’re all this and your all that

But I’m still waiting to see anything beyond a fuckin rat!

So come on man move a little closer

I’m just fucking dying for this do you know why they call us the bulldozers


I’d put you in the ground but you’re not worth the energy

So I’ll leave this right here just to jog your fucking memory

So read this here cause this won’t be the last you see

For Imma meet you face to face and give you to the count of three.


So remember me Sincerely mocuisle fuckin Connolly.