Sense Perception


Sense Perception


Forever a captive of my senses
Embroiling me with pain n pleasure
Unable to fathom their hold on me
Endlessly chasing rainbow treasure

I see the beauty in nature
It\'s strength as well as its frailty
I marvel with awe and splendor
Am a witness to its harsh brutality

I hear the sounds of the roaring falls
Orchestral music of birds n insects
Echoes bouncing of caves n valleys
Cacophony of preys in distress

Fragrance of flowers in bloom, I inhale
Whiff of soil stirred by first rain drops
The array of spices that fill my nostrils
The stench declaring life\'s mortality

I taste the sweet nectar of honey n such
Delicious flavors from around the world
All kind of essences that touch my buds
Warning inferred by bitterness as well

I feel the gentle breeze on a hot summer\'s night
The cool waves on the beach, lapping my feet
Love\'s kiss by a spouse, parents, friend or a child
And the heat of the scorching sun or a flaming fire

Knowing that the senses\' perception
That I feel, taste, smell, hear or see
Is firmly attached to the temporal body
Can\'t hold me hostage, when the soul is free