L. B. Mek

A season of snowflakes, in dreams




at a time of dark horizons

and fog filled minds

melting, through Tier-clamped wishes and plans

comes a season for all to behold


augmenting frost-bitten reality

by choosing: to let hope flow freely

soothing, those despairing in misery  

and gifting all a cherished respite,


with every snowflake envisioned

bleak future\'s seemingly brightened

and our regrets, temporarily misplaced

making space: for that fresh start that beckons


a time for blinkered abandon

when laughter shared between a handful

in households or huddled corners in streets

serenades lonely hearts: in those trenches of night,


where inundated is surrendered  

to morning scenes

filled with trusting eyes from innocent minds

and their contagious: carefree smiles


scripting: our ending to 2020

with whimsy aplenty

and a survivor’s merry, that tickles

those most calloused of skins,



© L. B. Mek

December 2020