L. B. Mek

Ears, pulsing beat


oh, far that piano waits

tiny silhouette freights 


lashes blinking widely, breezy

glistening eyes stinging, teary 

back shivers - surprised, gentle palms nudge 

counted steps - listless, tepid timid plunge


sipped syphoned breath

lingering shuffled stealth,


squirmy squeaky seating, oops - forgot the bow

quickly quietly standing, flushed-red - wondering how

bending deeper, wilting 

must remember training


eyes resisting, mother’s glowing beam

unclasped lips straining, this - no fairy dream,


posture cranked taught; leather seat retaken

finally - brushed keys awaken

startling notes, sharpening breath-held anticipation

melody forced onwards - bold


fingers - gliding brushstrokes on ivory keys, swift  

shoulders - loosening, fruition of practised readiness 


tap-tapping rhythm with instinctive timing

nerves easing, surrendering to music’s warmth

forehead glistening in exhilaration

mesmeric smile: oh, so very bright!




© L. B. Mek

December 2019