The Maiden and the rat

The Maiden & The Rat

She sat by the door way of a shanty hut,
A rat scuttled by, holding a nut,
Dear little rat they call you a pest,
You struggle to survive like me at best,
Fair maiden so beautiful and sad,
You are alive and well, shouldn\'t you be glad,
Dear little rat my body is all I have to give,
In exchange for money in order to live,
Fair maiden do you not have dreams,
This life isn\'t really as bad as it seems,
You have two hands and two feet,
I\'ll teach you how to dance, right here on the street,
He placed his precious nut,
Inside the shanty hut,
He waved his hands, his feet moving left to right,
She laughed at first, what a funny sight,
She began to follow and how beautiful she moved,
As the weeks went by she had fluently improved,
Now a woman in the dance proffession was walking by,
She saw the fair maiden dancing, which caught her eye,
My dear you dance so well, come and join my classes,
A make over would be most needed as she straightened her glasses,
It was like a dream come true she now danced in the theatre, 
The little rat had a plan to help her, her secret conspirator..
He taught her the dance of life and also to dream, for it is true, life really isn\'t as bad as it seems..