Your my favourite person

Your my favourite person

That I always want by me

But you can\'t leave



it\'s a personality disorder

But it\'s not. It\'s a monster living in me

And when I burn and I light on fire

It\'s fine I\'m just angry


A happiness glows when I\'m with you

Until you leave my side

A different person roams the house

It\'s better if you run and hide


The monster is nasty and she\'s really mean

She won\'t know what she\'s doing until she\'s done

She just thinks it\'s fun

Until she realises you\'ve seen


Shell turn back to me

I\'m too scared to lose you

I don\'t want you to meet her

Because she will run you away too


I have this bad habit of loving too much

Then it all falls apart

Because I build a home in you

Then you take my home and heart


It\'s a disaster

But it\'s just a personality disorder

But it\'s very real to me

Because I\'ll want to keep you and see you everyday like a sad little hoarder