Samer Amin

A Prince with Colorful Wings







O jaunty bird! How do you navigate your way?





Do you have an inner device that allows you to follow the same route every year?





Do you get instructed by the sun and the stars during your long journey?





Or maybe you are so clever at memorizing landmarks.





Maybe you have some well trained aircrew who take part in your amazing navigational skills.





A navigator who uses tiny amount of iron in your inner ears as a compass.





The other one uses a special region in your brain to determine the direction of north.





You have flown over great deserts, mighty mountains, and endless plains.





You have overcome so many insurmountable obstacles and flown over numerous impenetrable walls.





You have reached an ocean of bright sun after passing through an ocean of complete darkness.





You were always an independent prince with colorful wings and have never submitted to anyone.





When you sing, sad hearts pay close attention to your songs.





When you sing, sad hearts find a solace in your inspiring tunes.





Your songs at night pass through the thick walls and invite the inhabitants of these houses.





But you only hear suppressed wailing in return for your songs. 





The arrows of despair did not frighten you, nor did they manipulate your joyful songs.





Your life was full of heroic deeds.





All horizons are your kingdom, and the holy freedom and the glorious light are your friends.





Nothing can make you feel an intense agonizing pain deep in your heart,





except the pent-up whining sounds of the spirits who are bounded behind the thick walls in return for your upbeat calling.