Adrianna Kjeld

Denial Of Fate

A Struggle for life and a cause, 
severe lack in noticing, 
waiting, for some kind of applause. 

Wishing people would notice the struggle, my  insecurities; enough to embrace in their entirety. 

Being unsure is the only constant reassurance, 
when life is suppose to give you comfort, 
but the only thing promised is death. Untimely, convenient, solicited, and not. 

- Death do us part..,
Death is inevitable..,

Living is dying. 

Embrace the fate, 
or whither away. 

Whither away,

create your fate.

There isn\'t much option. 
To be the master of your own fate isn\'t impossible 
but within our time not feasible. 

Embracing the passion of what you wish, 
being confident and optimistic isn\'t always to be dismissed. 
Depression, loneliness, and wanting to die... 
It\'s not what willful people permit. 

Being happy isn\'t always an easy fix. 
You won\'t always know what you want. 
You won\'t always get your wish, 
but one thing is promised: death. 

Make of it what you will;  do what as you please.

One thing is promised. 
At the end of your life,  regret will come knocking.

Keep on wandering.