Righteous smart left hand

Short lived amnesia

(there\'s no app for that) found

his highness (ha... ha... ha... hm)

drawing a (figurative) blank

today January 54th, 2021,


when the misses asked yours truly

to access Verizon voicemail,

me noggin made a clank,

no doubt forgetfulness potion I drank

helps explain the circumstance

spilled (er spelled) ernest and frank.


After uttering expletive

stronger than tarnation

sought after digital information

re: 1-888-234-6786, I handily

pressed telephone keys right away

courtesy five fingertips,

and thumb expecting standing ovation


course I practiced self abnegation

and adamantly refrained

exclaiming these

bone a fied digits of flesh

the best most intelligent in creation,

my memory recalling telephone numerals

more difficult then acquiring k-ration.


Maybe you - anonymous

dear reader unwittingly applauded

(courtesy butterfly effect -

vibrations felt in Schwenksville)

impacted one garden variety human

comfortably nestled within dwelling

functioning as his remote workstation.


Nevertheless, your friendly martian, i.e. me

(from the outer limits

of the twilight zone

ofttimes analogously scurrying

like dark shadow creeping

along the edge of night)

somehow either discerned


(felt, heard or saw)

aforementioned reverberation

unbeknownst to yours truly,

thought he detected, and

felt atmospheric perturbations,

which I automatically fantasized

indicative of a strange being

housed within alien nation.


Pray tell - soundcloud I sensed

twas thee, a faux Earthling,

who telepathically communicated

to mine overactive imagination

please be courteous and befriend

plus promise to whisk me away


to never never land,

regardless whether cultural heritage

of population constitutes

a cross between

Alsatian, cetacean,

Croatian, claymation, Dalmatian,

Haitian, Thracian, et cetera.