Windmills Of Your Mind.

I roll over the green field at speed

Then lift up into the blue sky above

Higher and higher I sail towards the clouds,

The silence surrounds me like a blanket of love,

Up and up I go looking down to where I was,

I see the green beauty of the earth

Its cloak of so many shades of green.

I lift up and turn in a circle,

The land above me, the sky below

Twisting like a spiral in the beauty of life.

Once more I level out and sail upwards

Towards the beautiful white clouds,

I sail my way through and above them.

Now looking downwards through the cloud

The green is a lighter hue created by Nature’s wonder.

I start to descend through the clouds

And looking down I spiral once more,

Round and around I sail in the silence,

The beautiful silence that brings peace within me.

Slowly I circle my way to earth and land gently.

As I stop I look up once more and think of the beauty,

The beauty of the sky above as I was circling within it

Bringing peace and wonder forever within me.