Before we go in for the knife


In the shadow of frenzied thoughts
I ask
Will it go well?

In the midst of doubts and faiths
Laced twins in present scenario
I pique:
Will she live?

Half a decade has been served
Flurry of escapades deserving
Voluminous tales
We all got drunk in passion of help
The size that filled a bank

And now lightening the lamp
To see that long pathway to surgery room -
Not of pain but of life I see
Not of tears but of hope it\'d be
That her limbs will fly again
That this heart can breathe aloud:
And all once dead come to life

Such that sun lies side by side with earth
In handshake of solidarity
Such that surgeons dance with nurses
In tributary of success
And when wheeled out of rebirth
Glowing shall it be
The colours of her new life