A Tale of Loneliness

A Tale of Loneliness

It’s a million miles to nowhere 

when you’re lost within the forest

and you’re hopeless 

and you’re lonely

and you hear the squawking chorus

of your unrequited lovers

in the darkness with their laughter

as your broken spirit suffers 

from every morning after

when their voices were unshaken 

as they banished you, forsaken

to these woods of spent desires 

where you ponder your condition

how you lost them in the watch fires

of your lonely inhibitions.


There you wander, near a river

that is coursing over rapids   

and you follow its embankment 

‘til at last you are delivered

 to a lake and all its dankness.

Amid the mist and raw emotions 

 you find a dinghy with both oars 

though it seems like it’s an ocean

as you’re crossing to the shore

 until you spy someone dancin’

in the garden of a mansion.


She’s the beauty of your lifespan

and she’s dancing with small children

It’s a picture that is charming

yet the mist grows more alarming

and you’re lost in its expansion

til a wind gust clears your view

and the mansion, and the maiden, 

and all the children too

are gone, but the forest is renewed

 as a stately country garden.


So you stop your boat and wade in

to find the same enchanting maiden

 standing at a workbench

with potted plants and flowers 

that she grows with wondrous powers

when she touches them somehow

and as you softly walk towards her

she turns and smiles and wipes her brow.

As you near her, your senses come alive.

You are transfixed by her beauty 

and the aromas from her garden

of gardenias, roses, and...


You”re  suddenly awakened

to the scent of bacon frying

and the sound of children crying

while you follow pleasant smells

to the kitchen where you see her 

and your illusions are dispelled.


She is cooking at the stove now

She turns and smiles, and wipes her brow

and says, “Morning Hun. 

Go see what the kids want will ya.