Doggerel Dave

The Koel Calls

The koel calls at 4 am from just across the lawn;

Right now I’d like to kill the thing but that’s a little steep.

A chance of sleep is out of the question ‘til way past dawn,

Because of that cuckoo thing’s monotonous bloody beep.


The birds of Australia give us many a fine call,

Such as the local magpie, full of tuneful melody.

However there’s one stupid bird that drives me up the wall;

Of unoiled machinery this bird makes a parody.


These stanzas are disjointed without rhythm or reason.

Koels come from Asia somewhere I’m unreliably told;

Spring (don’t believe it!) is understood to be their season.

Gone, sleep restored, my lines will be a beauty to behold……….promise.


But the koel has an avid fan base:

PS: delete ‘avid’; substitute ‘livid’ (Amusing if you enjoy other\'s misery.)