Goddess of the Mist

Power of Your Song

Do the things that you sing about exist
Could you turn things around like you said
Will your love make everything alright
because I’m still feeling out of my head

When I’m alone it’s your voice that soothes
smoothes away weary wrinkles from my head
conjures a longing I never knew
my broken heart hanging by a thread

I have searched in the day and the night
for the artful promise of your song
nothing has turned out like you said
can\'t help but feel that I\'ve done something wrong

All that powerful love you\'ve been singing of
all those things that you say you will do
is it all just beautiful poetry
meant to make a romantic heart blue

Still, I will lose myself in them
all those promises, strung along for so long
only meant to bewitch and betray
as portrayed in the power of your song