Breach of confidentiality induces asphyxiation

Suffocation experienced analogous

to absent echocardiogram

or electroencephalogram blip

(Derek Chauvin - he of

George Floyd infamy) iron maiden grip

linkedin with psyche subjected

to laceration courtesy cruel horse whip

mine inexcusable

(albeit clueless faux pas)

family members living social in Bend, Oregon

and Oakland, California did yip

private information across cyberspace did zip.


Apology (ex post facto)

extended regarding about

mine guilt ridden conscience

programming mental state

think sufferable infinite

jesting Möbius strip

casting dark shadow of doubt

looping along outer limits

of twilight zone

futilely shucking off

emotional tailspin (kamikaze) fallout

impossible mission

unable to muzzle or thwart lout


who poetically blurts out

simian old routine programmed

erroneously heavily incorrectly

peppers entire Hollerith

or IBM punched cards

yielding botched defenseless redoubt,

when Yankee doodles dandy

teapot short and stout

convection currents trigger

whistle Dixie when liquid piping hot

a microcosm concerning plate tectonics

across webbed wide world

yielding necessary oomph

to migrating trout.


Absent awareness

flourished amidst ignorance

sixty plus shades of gray matter

hotly doth smolder and burn

unbeknownst rancor did furiously churn

when yours truly divulged

he made aborted attempt

to couch his genuine

paternal care and concern

lack of discrimination

and judgment I did not

(honest to dog) recognize nor discern.


Understandable blameworthy

grievance against me,

not granted app parent permission

thus culpability I obediently yield

words that sparked hurt

now utilized to wield

heft to communicate authentic love

(cryptically coded)

and hermetically sealed

hopefully in due time

mine discretion well healed.


Comeuppance generated

desire to kill self awoke

resolution to make amends

bedevils this bloke

who deservedly receives just desserts

invisible hand doth choke

living daylights, hence

nightmare scenario I evoke.


Following objective forthwith

pained papa doth aim

constitutes feeble attempt made
to reach out and accept blame

reckless transgression

to spout warrants claim

if religious, thence within perdition


while still alive

mine flesh set fire to flame

analogous to burnt offering

even that sacrifice considered lame

imposed upon lovely bones,

I cannot utter nor name

one garden variety primate repurposed

thru cremation his cruelty destiny will tame.


Awfulness permeates nerve wracked soul,

because behavior concerning yours truly

hashtagged boneheaded rogue

(as easily attested to courtesy the missus),

indiscriminately sharing sensitive information

innocently celebrating their joys and sorrows

concerning welfare of deux biological chicas 

which pathetic body, mind and spirit triage

attributed to where fool rushed into

where angels fear to tread.


No ambition, exertion, inspiration... arose

these last few days melancholy grows

a brief lull occurred,

whereby lack of crafting poems or prose

insync engulfed and teed off par

for the course

stainless steel pitch forked shows

with mettlesome irony

(perhaps witnessed

by dearth of posting)

finding me figuratively pitched

upon horns of dilemma.


Far from human league,

(more\'n mark twain fathoms

into deep purple troubled waters)

I flounder amidst flotsam and jetsam

mankind receding toward lost horizon adios

at sea within Lake lachrymose

moody blue foo fighting

wretched beastie boy feels morose.


Subsequent diminution to write,

nevertheless mustered

aforementioned reasonable rhyme

attempting to describe psychological plight

thru arranging words, I take flight.