A Beachfront Revelation

A Beachfront Revelation 


The sand lies waiting, stretching wide with open arms

like a lover expecting her other’s return.


The sea glistens and sparkles in the sunshine’s joy

like a wartime soldier proudly marching home.


The sand squints at the glistening sea in search of

the one she fearfully hopes will be returning.


The sea creeps, inching closer to her waiting arms

like a soldier breaking from the horrors of war. 


The sand lies ashore basking in the noonday Sun

like a warm heart longing for her soldier\'s return.


The sea slips over the hot sand edging inward

being warmed on its edges by the sun-baked sand.


The sand senses the sea as she is touched by it 

and recalls many other moments of rapture.


The sea rises and thrusts forward into the sand 

engulfing her across the breadth of her shoreline.


They are entwined in blissful union for moments

until again, the sea begins to slip away.


Ebbing outward falling from the arms of the sand

like a soldier called back onto the battlefields. 


Ever and ever, over and over again 

like perpetual motion the parting repeats. 


In time, the sea transforms to an enraged ocean 

ripping sand away from all the battered coastlines

and destroying any land that stands to resist.

It laughs as even the most majestic mountains 

crumble before it, until there is but one isle

one spit of land, not captured by its savage charm.

And the sea responds with a great tsunami wave

swamping that tiny isle into oblivion.


The sea relaxes lying content and sated

while enjoying the taste of final victory.

The Sun smiles down knowing it will have the last laugh

and watches the water as it evaporates.

When all the water dries up, there is nothing left 

but a dead planet whose surface is the ashes 

of fools who fought in the wars of self destruction.


Scoping the dead and dusty planet from afar

one would want to know “ Did life ever exist there?\"