Adam Shirley

A Eulogy for Narcissus

Decadent leaves fall into the eyes of the trees, 

Aren\'t you tired of your futile deeds?


Your brittle blade cuts through the deepest shade

of the veracious, violent viridian 

that cements in your core

The gruesome narcissistic high,

That leaves you wanting more.


Ramifications of relegation are of only satisfaction to my own,

They say there\'s beauty in every life but in you I see only bone.


Feed your addiction to the murky waters that you bathe in

and bask yourself under the same scorching sun, that you\'ve burned all your bridges on. 

For there is no better way to phrase, I am sure these moments are the highlight of your days


How I pity you, you poor nature child.

If you were the level of spice in my menu, you would be mild.


For you have let the eye of society scrutinize you into a new persona

And all you identify with is your drug-store purchased aroma

You\'re a laughing stock at many, and a role model of none

The only time I\'ll pay attention to you will be while writing this poem. 

For after that, I\'ll be done. 


I suspect you\'ll keep staring

      At your reflection in the river

                   Frozen by your superficial temporary beauty

                                    And your stubborn ignorance, may you wither.