Things don\'t always turn out

The way we think they should.

Sometimes the things we hold deep in our hearts

Never go how we hoped it would.

We can sit back and scream all day long

That life just isn\'t fair.

Or we can dust ourselves off and try again

If we only dare.

The choice is ours, the choice is mine, the choice is yours

To take.

No matter how wrong or how right

It\'s always been ours to make.

We don\'t see the mistakes coming

But only long after they\'ve passed.

The broken hearts, the tears we cry, the joy

It doesn\'t last.

It seems that love, dear heart, is fleeting

And romance one in the same.

We toss them around, back and forth

As if it\'s some kind of game.

But this, dear heart, is a game

I do not wish to play.

Wait for something real, something that lasts

Wait. It will come to you one day.