Exquisite rarity;

whatever this might be.

You made me see my worth 

& left all others in your dust.


I wanted only you.

I held you, skin on skin,

never let go.

A brief, blithe amusement,

but at least I get that.


I take you to my bed;

no longer mine, but ours.

We sleep sound, tangled together,

your warmth a part of me.


You wake me to fuck me

then apologise for ending my sleep.

I would stay awake every night with you.

You make me feel alive alive alive,

all else dulled compared to your sharp vitality.


You keep me somewhere deep inside,

taste me on your warm lips,

smell my scent on your clothes,

think of me naked, wanting you.


Exquisite rarity;

you, me, us, this.

Delicious treat and insatiable heat.


How I care, even though

you don\'t want me to and it hurts,

it doesn\'t help.


You keep a carefully measured distance

that I want to scream into and shatter.


I will be here to hold you in my arms,

but every time you leave I wonder if

that\'s the last time.


You might never come back

and I would wish only to say thank you

for all you\'ve given me.


I know my worth,

even if I\'m never worthy of you.