Celestial Amy

The Colorful Fog

A cool breeze

A cloudy sky


I can almost taste it

The beginning of something new

A hurricane of long lost dreams


There is something familiar about it

I´ve seen this all before

Long ago, in another world


Yet I keep seeking the cold

The warmth never was quite as pleasing

The heat never encouraged me to write

Never encourage me to live


Oh how I wish I could change it all

Return it all to zero

To let humanity die and nature claim it all


Can you bury my body in the ground

Without any coffin around?


I guess I would die happier

Knowing that my mortal shell

Would return to its source

To the mother of all


For now though

I just sit here and wonder

About the grey feeling

Spreading through my colorful heart


Some days just scream

While others simply whisper


Am I supposed to be afraid

Or should I cheer

For the future to come?


I know nothing

But that my soul is immortal