When Once Through The Chapters Of Your Skull

when once through the chapters of your skull

like a wounded field mouse

rolling with the tide of forgotten sentence and verse

as still the wise old owl

wrestles with the stillness of frozen fog and curse;

osprey hands with chainsaw raw and wild

doused with horses shit for human kind

slicing through an oxtail soup in search of sawdust mind;

the feathered brow of broken shell upon the warts of captured egg

hangs motionless migrating sperm above snow\'s own peppered keg;

with this marketing menace of disordered plague

spike my eyes with poisoned blood and murder Satan\'s slaves!

now twice through the canal\'s of constructed debris

as uncertain as I am,

am beyond the sculptured torso that controls my need to curtain all I see;

in towns of coloured porcelain with horns of thistles myth

am beyond the ruptured skeleton

as it whistles with the wind chimes in the aftermath of groping lemons pith.

cultivate the orange stool and let it loose about our Mothers distant womb

set the circle of the vultures on the flame that disembarks from abstract tomb;

bring about the downfall with the downpour of cherry crust

let the poacher choke on his customised piss

and watch his weapon rust;