Warm Evergreen

In my head I paint pictures of reality. I follow the moonlight to where the rain ends, and I see the snow on the mountain. When the sun rises I do it all over again, living around the mess I\'ve created. It didn\'t take long for the ship to sink. This year has been a whirlwind of emotions, brimming with problems I\'ve yet to weed out. I made a promise, but I was hungry for bad apples. Now I look at the bridges I\'ve built and the bridges I\'ve burned, and I\'m overwhelmed with a sadness I can\'t explain. You said you never lied but you did, I know it. How could you look me in my eyes and leave me in the wild forest? How could you leave so abruptly and be so self-destructive? You had the world in your hands and the Virgo in me is crying out. So much for the new routine? The train is leaving. Think of that one reckless summer you drank too much and seen Heaven. You were in the pawn shop at eleven selling gold for pennies, trying to make it through the day. My body aches.