A song for Pius (Tribute to Dr. Pius Nwabufo Charles Okigbo, 1924 - 2000)


Tell us,
How do we crack the riddle
Dropped from the sky?
How do we hold the tears
Tossing endlessly
Like thousand rosaries
Of rain on heat?

Tell us,
How do we pile up the cries
Of kernel from same palm that was you
That now weep we must weep
And mourn we must mourn?

Tell us,
How do we tell the story
Of twinship padded in sorrow
Closely knit by blood:
Of same womb
Of same learning
Of same fame
To bow out
At the season of sleep?

Tell us,
Have you sojourned
To complete the logic
Of tripartite unity:
Of Christopher, Lawrence and blessed Pius
Like Father, Son and Holy Spirit...
Tell us, have you?