Some Things Should Not be Forgot

Some Things Should Not be Forgot


Do you remember

those perfect

small unbroken circles

Lightly traced

back on back

like a figure of eight …

It was then

While wrapped in the


of his silhouette

She could forget

For a moment about


blue robin eggs

and of course

those famous French

cigarettes …

Yes, at least for a while,

she maybe just could

After all,

it was only the husk

of her shadow

that was filled with

regret …

But nevertheless,

she still forced a smile

at a glimpse

of the sheen on a fledgling

wheatears cheek …

Hey, someone asked

in a black tie

and frock-coat

Had you ever seen eyes

quite so wisteria blue,

or for that matter

shoulders so bronzed

and so strong 

they all chorused …

But by then, the moment

had past,

She had gone to pay homage

and respect

to a memory for which

she still held a glow …

Although to this day

the shadow it cast

followed on in her wake

like an old smitten craft

rowed home, but ever so slow …