Aa Harvey

Make the world Greta again.

Make the world Greta again.



The world is on fire and you just sit there getting higher.

Inhaling the pollution, you are no solution.

Neither are you the answer, but you can change the question.

I call you a prancer, because you are dancing around the suggestion,

That this should not be, we are not the disease,

But we are the cause, so to you and yours,

I say it is time to talk, stand up and walk.

Have your meetings and save us all,

From our self-made Hell, you need to tell,

Every generation, about the climate reaction.

It is in every nation, we need satisfaction,

Not false promises; listen to the kids…



We need a world of Greta’s, live life for the better,

Of all mankind; now is the time.

Sign on the dotted line; show us all you have a spine.

We have to rebel because you do not care.

You love your wealth and steal our air.

So you can either get rich and fail to breathe,

Or you can give our little planet exactly what it needs.

Stop the flights?  It happened over night.

Deforestation?  The tree’s should not have to be rationed.

Realization?  It’s in front of your eyes; can you not see our passion?



We have to protest because you failed the test.

You have to act; surely you have all seen the facts.

Australia burned down, yet now winter is back.

Covid stopped the flights, now snow is in sight.

This didn’t happen for most of my life.

We love all this sun, but it blinds us from the gun,

That is pointing at our world, and it ain’t so young,

But the youth have spoken, your system is broken.

Let the nations unite…we are running out of time…



(C)2021 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.