Vexation at self - regarding avoidable altercation...

Today May 12th, 2021

at Royersford (Pennsylvania) LIDL,

when spouse stepped into checkout line

(minus her horse drawn grocery cart -

pushed courtesy yours truly).

While passively standing stock still
I (think Stonewall Jackson)

let scenario unfold before

mine myopic eyes,

whereby acquiescing

nonverbally attempting to scooch

closer to conveyor belt

subsequently attempting

to maneuver shopping cart

in front of another patron (an older man)

with small number of items in his cart,

who became irate at me.

He appeared angered
at his thwarted (senior) priority,

especially when mine wife

gave him few choice words.

All that learning regarding

learning conflict resolution
(years gone by)

taught by the late therapist Jean Dole
ineluctably escaped me.

I smart with disappointment

not offering aforementioned

aggravated fellow shopper

right of way
proceeding ahead of us

(initiating at least one daily

random act of kindness).

Figurative astringent aftertaste

left in mouth cuz laudable

good samaritan deed chased

away, thus one generic bloke

felt he disgraced

his credo and ethos that laced

behaviorist paradigm

shouldering virtuous lofty aspirations

as upholding saintiless gone to waste.

Nevertheless foo fighting beastie boy

attains exhibiting motto

viz - doing right by doing good.

Since birth and every

subsequent growing up year

until earth around sun orbitz equalled

lxii plus some months gradual aging

upon this body electric didst wear
major organs as personal choices made to veer
toward folkloric, generic holistic living social

societal, theoretical fabric

minimally didst tear

which family of origin

constituent part (nurture)
nsync verses with nature (genetics)

steeped with ethos to share

with parents, row mans, siblings,

(now offspring), et cetera

superfluity sans abundance,

or paucity per cornucopia rear

neither former plentifulness,

nor latter scarcity respectively

predictable asper

being dynamic

versus static such yield

based, linkedin, and predicated

on a gamut how fate didst wield

one record breaking

catch of the century, and sealed

fickle non butterfinger

Swedish Fish Ma PHEAA filleted
famed schooled

Redmond Efficiency Academy
top of the class for each grade,
whence analogous
viz zit hid had dock
pier fickle lee hooray

randomly cast piscine line reeled inlaid

hallowed sea man tricked treat
once the providence,

which belief informed lifelike
sculpted, Idolized carved likeness

revealed from precious metal or jade

unseen creator mortals prayed
some examples being handily

accorded mechanistic multi-deistic
such as Manichaeism, Mithraism, Muslim,

et cetera belief, credo,

divine entity man made

attempting cosmic explanations

grandly incorporating

limitless mysteries splashed

throughout universe visually displayed

decrees ordained requiring unbridled zeal
only the dead privy

to espy secret seventh seal
hence ne\'er did plentiful spirits reveal
themselves as flesh and blood,

nonetheless, despite lack of sects ap peal

fervent humility, integrity, magnanimity...

prayers preceded before each meal

or any exploitative endeavor,

especially those which did heal

instilling positive influences to hopefully

sway sought after immortal deal,

and ethos, figuratively drilled into arboreal

predecessors minds of highest

saint seeking achievers
and/ or hardcore faithful devout believers

who oft morphed into zombie

thrashing maniacs seized cleavers

a yen to revile against heretics,

not moost ideal to breed largesse,

whence possessed by fevers

toward simple axe of pious,
who indulgently pulled levers

no matter feigned actions hash tagged
reciprocating masquerade

i.e. facade, charade afraid

but, nevertheless a Good Samaritan renegade.