Open eyes closed!

An old poem Is written for A world at war book 20 years ago ...

Saw a shoe on the side of a road, a child crying tears fall from her eyes
Saw an old woman carrying her home on her back, she was alone...
Saw an empty street where once was alive, rubble and ruins 
And people fighting for their lives... 
Destruction and mayhem and government rules….
Fear and loathing and devious fools...
Saw an old man with only one limb, run like he had the strength of both
Down an ally and into the fire of bullets, grenades and shrapnel
No one cared no one noticed that all the leaves on the trees where dead
No one noticed that the flowers still bloomed that the sun shone and the sky 
Was a bright blue and birds flew high and not a single sound graced the air
Saw a light that shone bright like a thousand bulbs which blinded the eye
And men women and children hiding for cover watching and waiting
Hoping for shelter hoping for something just to help them cope
Above the clouds of smoke the breeze blew and lifted the dust from the ground
Leaving only a place that once was loud now covered in the darkest shroud 
But no-one came and no-one saw these homes and streets without a name
No-one called no-one spoke no-one uttered kind words of hope
Still breathing still inhaling torn and broken still believing.. They pray 
Help us save us don’t leave us here they fear another day.. Clutching an invisible rope
What about the people the freedom the voice what about the dying 
The homeless the sick what about the helpless the hungry the poor
What about them who won’t or can’t what about them who are crying
For rights what about the people who are living without
What about you what about me what about if only and even maybe
What about the Government the power and the gain? What about the rules
The words of change, the speeches the handshakes the promises made,
The giving, the equal quality of life, what about living a day or night.. Unafraid 
Or out of sight.. Stand up and shout stand up and be heard stand up you all
For all you are as important as the politician and the government aide
Be not afraid! Be not afraid to speak your voice to all that’s already been said!! 
Saw a shoe on the side of the road and a child play barefoot on a hot hot day!!
By Roisin Moore