Is The Livin\' Easy In Summertime?

Is the livin’ easy in summertime?

Those blasted fish may be jumpin’,

But I am blowed if I can catch ‘em.

And as for the cotton, it may be high;

But do you know what you need to do

Before it can be used to make clothes.

Dad may be rich but none of it comes my way;

He spends it on fast horses and faster cars.

And Ma, she may be good lookin’;

But nobody sees her!

She is always gazin’ in the mirror,

Sayin’ to herself how beautiful she is.

The baby is so flamin’ noisy;

It never ever stops cryin’!

Me? Risin’ up singin’ ?

Have you heard my voice?

Do you want the neighbours to complain!

Spread my wings?  Take to the sky? That’s good!

I don’t like heights so I’m not flyin’ anywhere!

So nothin’ will harm me?

Have you seen that spider in the corner of my room?

Is big enough to eat me!

Mum! Dad! Where are you!