I Choose The Light

Do not confine me to your world of pity.
It is cold and small, a shadowy world
from which come cries of the broken,
weeping from the disillusioned
cowered by simple words wrapped in
arrogant piety.  I cannot bear the chains,
the imprisonment of my soul.


Speak instead with words of understanding,
gift me with the grace of affirmation
and I will fly on the fresh breath of your speaking.
Love creates.  Pity destroys.
How quickly a new world emerges
from the ether of sound.
Words transform the moment.


I will wake no longer to whispers of shame,
to tear stains on my pillow.
I have heard a strong Voice that speaks
words of concern, not condemnation,
a Voice from deep within myself.
I am born into hope.  I leave behind
the shackles of dark days.
I choose the Light.