My Choice of Poison

I’m a recovering addict whose never really shared my story
It’s a story that can cause great pain, and share great glory
But it all started with one small thing, a pill
That was my choice of poison, it soon brought my life downhill
It started out as a prescription, that slowly turned into an addiction
I thought I had everything I ever wanted, but it became nothing but a self confliction
It became a personal craving, I would do anything for that small pill
I didn’t care what it was, as long as it produced a small thrill
I couldn’t be who I was supposed to be with this poison thriving inside of me
This is why I’m constantly asking to be set free
The urge to live everyday, without that small pill has become exhausting
But the final straw is when I realized, it was my own life that I was costing
I could have been one of the unlucky ones, who never got a second chance
But fortunately for me, I put my foot down, and broke the devils dance
I would become mean if I didn’t have what I needed
My life became unruly, annoying, and I continued to fail, never succeeded
Until one day, when I woke up and thought to myself
I don’t want to end up in a file, on some medical doctors dusty shelf
This could have easily became something else, something worse
I didn’t want to be the phone call, “your daughters currently laying in a hearse”
So I decided that day, to end my choice of poison
It was a very easy, yet hard thing to decide
I’m sharing my story, not for sympathy but for my readers who can relate
Just remember one thing, it’s honestly never too late
If you need support, if you need a friend, please, find someone, spread love not hate
The poison might be winning right now, but trust me, we can change our fate!