Orchard Street

I live on a street, it’s called Orchard street

You walk around on eggshells because you don’t know what kind of trouble you’ll meet

Today could be a stabbing, tomorrow could be a shooting

For love and peace is all that I’m rooting

There’s many children that live on this street, for it’s full of families

Yet, it’s home to some of this town\'s finest fatalities

People crave for this street to get better

But it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen, with the continuous blood splatter

There’s many different things that happen in a day

You never know, if the world is falling apart, or if everyones okay

There’s gun violence on the corner of orchard and jefferson

No one knows what’s truly going on, but there’s high tension

On the corner of orchard and baker there’s knife violence

I swear the crime on this street has continued rising

Is there even a street in this town safe anymore?

I’m honestly scared to walk out my front door

To sit in your yard is almost as tiring as a chore

Because you don’t know if someones going to walk up and put you on the floor

So you sit there, watching your back and sides

Going over the steps in case there’s a split second of a choice to decide

Where do I run? Are they after me? What did I even do?

This is the stress that orchard street puts people through

This street is a beautiful street when there’s no one around

Because it’s almost as if the world has crumbled straight to the ground

I live on a street, and it\'s called Orchard street

The street where you really never know what kind of trouble you’ll meet

Stephanie Davis

May 2021