Accidental Poet

Fantasy Land

Within the realm of a dream

Much like a fantasy land

A place where men greet each other

As they shake hand in hand


See the people there

How they help one another

Hear the birds sing in unison

As overhead they hover


With a welcome smile

Nations unlock their hearts

Friendships spreading far and wide

Countries bonding never to part


The Earth blue and green

Species that live and let live

A common act between the living

A peaceful offering to give


A world that thrives on respect

Compassion mutually shared

The many walks of life

For one and all to care


To all the world’s problems

Love is the cure

Love for all species

For eternity it will endure


And maybe just maybe somehow

This fantasy land will become reality

An everyday realism

Day to day normality


Copyright © Accidental Poet 2021