The Party In The Forest

Last night, there was a party 

in the forest,

a midnight party!

Just the bugs and insects,

no one else..

they worked hard

for it was a grand party

each one doing their best..

The twinkling lights set up 

by the fireflies, shining

all through the dark night.

The décor and colour 

by the

butterflies and dragonflies,

all with their

vibrant wings fluttering.

The music?

Of course the music band 

was all ready to rock,

the grasshoppers in their 

green dress on the violin,

The cicadas and crickets, all 

dressed in brown 

on the drums,

the centipedes and the millipedes

playing soft notes

on the piano,

the praying mantis

with a guitar 

strung across his shoulder,

strumming softly

was all set to sing 

at the top of his voice!

And the food ?

OH YES, the food;

the bees in their

black and yellow striped dress

brought the honey,

the marching ants,

dressed all in red

brought the bread crumbs,

It was yummy, delicious!

The lady bugs in their red and black

polka dotted dress

danced the night away!

And the wasps 

with their stings ready 

stood guard, so no one gatecrashed!!!

For  the party was just

for the bugs and the insects..

So, how do I know it was a great party,


I was that little butterfly 

fluttering in the 

blue and gold dress

dancing the night away 

at the party in the forest,

my wings reflecting

the twinkling lights 

of the fireflies....