I don’t want to die

I don’t want to die

Got a child and a Mum

A wife and a house

Land and crops to look after

I see the bright future

I want to be part of what it has to offer

It’s very bright

Loads of things to laugh and smile about

I want to watch my princess grow

Dress her up for her first day at school

Be at the gate to pick her up

Read her fables

And tell her stories about her father land

I want to hear her mimic me speak

Tell me “daddy you’ve gone African on me again”

I don’t want to die

I’ve got hopes and aspirations

I want to visit Norway

Travel like the Vikings

Conquer land and sea

Look to the sky

And see the bright rainbow

Wear bow tie to black suit events

Scream at the television when Chelsea play

I don’t want to die

I look up to the sky

I see pregnant clouds

And it’s about to rain

I see joy

I see love

I see life

And I’m loving it .