Joe Dawson

What makes an angel cry?

Her hand she rested on her breast,

Her eyes so sad I cried myself. I couldn\'t

Guess the reason why or what might

Make an angel cry.


Why would an angel cry I thought, what

Would it take to break her heart? What

Would it take to hurt her so? I had to

Say I didn\'t know.


I sat and pondered for a while and

Then a mighty voice on high, stooped

And shouted \'Art thou blind’? Canst thou

Not see what makes her cry\'?


Might it be a world in turmoil

Or a child gunned down in spite’, ‘a man

Who shot a woman or a cop who

Killed his wife\'?


\'A gun that mowed so many down’,

A stadium full of pain’, ‘flights that

Took off full of life to be never seen



\'Yet still you wonder why she cries’,

Can\'t grasp the message in her eyes’,

Can\'t see the Hell in evil’s art’,

Can\'t feel the pain that breaks her heart\'.


© Joseph G Dawson