The times when the world slept unknown

A pandemic hit the globe out of the blue

The weak, the meek

The strong, and so on

All imprisoned by this virus


Society experienced life in multi forms

And what have you, the men in uniforms

The season of the virus had diverse views


 The pilot felt the failing of the jet engines

Or better still a sinking of the titanic

Hopelessness all over the waters

Reservations canceled, transports halted.


To the poet,

the era of COVID was like a feigned comedy

To the Journalist,

signing integrity to career threatening bulletin

To the musician,

 a messy performance with voice flight

To the politician,

an all-time disappointed elections

To the shepherd,

a greener pastures suddenly goes grey

With the preacher,

like a sermon taken for a fiction

To the student,

a trail in a well prepared quiz

And the teacher,

 an expiry of a precious learning


And see, craftsmanship


Not to mention nurses, and frontline-rs

Mask up, sanitize, sanitize they say

Wash down, distance, distance, to stay


Nevertheless to the artist,

like a broken stencil

And the actor,

 like an erratic repetitions

To the psychologist,

 finding out humans have no brain

 then unthinkable


who is to blame?

The pandemic made all humanity culpable

As if we were all reprehensible

To the driver,

 like the failing of the brakes

And the great men of gem,

a golden opportunity slipping through

To the farmer,

a sudden invasion of a destructive locust

To the writer,

an emotional instability for want


Global health systems experienced severe fatigue

Many were silenced not even a communiqué

 If nothing, forget me not, FELLOW GHANAIANS

COVID-19, was a picture of the world at a stand still