Celestial Amy

The Last String

Wisdom, it´s never enough

It can bring you pleasure

Or cause you damage


I keep seeking for it

Rejecting it at once


Let me cry

Let me die

But not tonight


My little dream

An old cottage

In the deep, dark forest

Just me and you

Surrounded by animals


I keep running towards it

Losing my hope


I haven´t even found you yet

My muse, my love


Immortal, Unbreakable

Yet never in the same vessel

How can I find you?


I want to see and understand it all

Awareness shall be my home

Fate and red strings my breakfast

The void lightening up

Shining through the ice

As spring invites warmth inside


It´s been years

Seven beautiful, haunting years


Tell me when you are ready

I don´t want to wait anymore