Niyitanga Pacifique

Good To Me


Not a beautiful face,
Just a nice look
Real and pure,
Not a nice or sexy figure 
Clacking voice, she can\'t sing,
But I love her whispers


She got no pretty eyes,
But tears from hers means a lot to me
They say \"she\'s not wise,\"
But to love me is wisdom too
Sweet words are absent in her speeches, 
But I got no lies in her promises 


Maybe she cannot teach something new,
And she cannot tease me like they did before 
With her, I can differentiate bliss from woe,
Not like those who gave me temporary climax
They say \"she\'s not a good person,\"
But I knew that she\'s a messenger from heaven 


Not sure if I\'ll call her my wife,
But I really know her worth in my life
Maybe these all are lies from my mind, 
And I\'m sure, love will prove them all
I once welcomed her,
But not even a single minute I\'ll say goodbye to her.