The Uneducated O.A.P


 Behind closed doors lie the battered and bruised

Family, victims of drunken abuse

Children huddled in corners, crying with terrorr

Tomorrow, the excuses of the apologetic pub dweller


Makeup covered bruises can\'t hide mental scars

Or repair damaged minds of the young

For him, a life of beer swilled bars

And fists wildly flung


Behind his eyes the lies are cast

The roads he takes are set

Afore my eyes are shattered lives

I wish we\'d never met


Once I devoured him like the morning mist

Entwined  our bodies, loving kissed

I gave my all with no encomber

Now I worship the ground, I wish he was under


The blood pools the floor as he falls to his knees

Drunken fists killed the last remnants of love

She scoops up the kids, walks through the door

No More, No More, No More.