Accidental Poet

Saturday Mornings

As I turn back the pages

Through old memories of mine

Like gold nuggets of treasure

Days of smiles and laughter so fine


Take me back to days of splendor

Back to my youth

When life was slower paced

And we all lived a simple truth


I seem to remember

Saturday mornings in the warm sun

Just a young boy seeking adventure

In search of carefree fun


I’d walk up to

The end of the street

To the baseball park

On the swings I was set free


How I loved Saturday mornings

And the simple joy it would bring

Like it was just yesterday

How I remember early birds that sing


Back and forth

I’d swing so high

As I sit here now

All I can do is sigh


From spring through summer

Life was oh so grand

And Saturday mornings

To the ball park swings I ran


My years now all assembled in tidy row

My body with aches and pains

But with a fondness beyond words

These nostalgic memories remain


Copyright © Accidental Poet 2012