Evil Black Actor

Spider-Man is swinging through the air and sees something that\'s bad as can be;

An evil black actor is about to shoot and murder a male driver and I\'m speaking honestly.


Spider-Man lands on top of the male driver\'s car and confronts the evil black actor, which is true;

He spins a web on the evil black actor\'s gun and snatches it away from the bastard, which is a smart thing to do.


The male driver is no longer in dread;

The evil black actor is kicked and knocked out by the web-head.


Spider-Man spins a web on the evil black actor and what I\'m saying is right;

The male driver thanks Spider-Man for rescuing him, which is polite.


Spidey uses his cell phone to photograph the webbed up asshole, as you can see;

He texts the photograph to J. Jonah Jameson immediately.


Spidey also uses his cell phone to call the police, which is good to know;

The police arrive and arrest his foe.


Spidey swings to the Daily Bugle and I\'ll tell you why;

As Peter Parker, Jameson will pay him for the photograph he took and that\'s no lie.


When Spidey arrives at the Daily Bugle, he changes back to Peter Parker, which is okay;

Inside the Daily Bugle, Peter gets paid for the photograph he took and that\'s all I have to say.