Scary Nights

Its so scared at night,
It makes me feel so right.
The day was just so confusing,
Everybody hated me, even the morning.
Day was so invisible,
It made the dreamy world believable.
It was hard to live on,
It made me quite all along.
But the night,
Why was it so bright?
Why was I tension free?
There was something in me.
Something came from a mile,
And without the existences, i smiled.
Sometimes it was my friend,
To watch me smile till the end.
Sometimes it was therapist,
Who showed me my worth in my fist.
It filled the questions in my brain,
With sort of confidence I gained.
It gave me all its attentions,
The night loved me without my tensions.
It stayed with me when I cried,
To stay till my tears dried.
It whispered me to always be in glee,
Cause it can\'t always be around me.
The night whispered the truth unlike day,
It told me to walk straight in my way....