Coooeee - Oh no!

Coooee - Oh no!

I am back - it looks like it

I was cut orf - now that\'s painful!

Computer says \'yes\' and has let me in again

I couldn\'t get in to this site

For about two weeks


I could say \'I\'m back - for now\'

Touch wood - touches head! lol

Hope I can stay

Just this site it was - 

\'Site taking too long to load\' message appeared


Or was it - I been holidaying?

Or been to the moon and back 4,367 times?

Sailed round the world 5,846 times?

I fell down a black hole?

Or summat like that


But a coincidence?

I got back in nearly the same day

That a friend is resuming self-employment

After recovering from a operation for a few weeks

There was some delay to his healing


If I had not enquired

I would never have known

Why he had seemingly \'disappeared\'....


Woof woof!

Fido and I send greetings again!